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Play the victim card much?

A certain real housewife of Atlanta thinks everyone gangs up on her; admits to portraying herself as “one-dimensional,” and claims she’s misunderstood. Have you guessed who she is yet? Of course you have, its Miss Kenya Moore!

“I think that this season you’ll get to see more sides of me…I think you’ll get to know me a little bit better and hopefully like me a little bit more,” she told Access Hollywood, admitting that she’s often described as the show’s villain.

Kenya has been a proverbial ache in the side of the “Real Housewive’s of Atlanta” women since she first came on the scene. And think about it, anytime every single woman on the show has a problem with you, not just one or even two women–every woman–it may be time for you to put on some glasses and take a serious look at YOU girlfriend!

Fans of the show might remember that in the season 5 premiere, Kenya got off to a rocky start with Cynthia Bailey, but the two eventually forged a cordial relationship. But despite being able to feign relationships with Cynthia and NeNe Leakes, Kenya said she felt the ladies were all against her.

Whoa is me.

Now, after all is said and done, Kenya hopes people will actually like her this season (you notice I didn’t say like her ‘more.’ That would imply they like her ‘now.’)

“I’m actually really nice to people and then they want to pick a fight with me, but when they pick a fight with me, they’ll never win. I always win fights,” she said. “In a situation, if I feel I’m right, I’m going to say it. If I think you’re wrong, I’m going to say it.”

Raise your hand if you get the feeling it’s that kind of talk that lands her in hot water.

Who came out on top during last year’s disagreements is subject to debate, and although they were able to get along in season 5, Kenya has her opinions about why she and NeNe seem to bump heads in season 6.

“She was off in Hollywood and she had her other projects going,” said Kenya who believes NeNe’s attitude towards her has changed.

“People make a problem with you because they want to have a problem with you,” she concludes.

On the other hand, NeNe has questioned Kenya’s authenticity in the past, especially after rumors about her fake TV romance surfaced.

Kenya, who questioned whether NeNe still wears the Queen Bee crown, said she’s not going on the attack, but she will defend herself when her co-stars strike the first blow.

“I’m a firecracker when lit. As long as you don’t light that match, I’m fine,” she said.

After all is said and done, we don’t think Kenya will be repeating those famous words once hailed by an emotional Sally Field, “They like me! They really like me!”

Kenya talks more about the show and in the timely fashion of Kimye’s new engagement, throws in how Kanye West once flirted with her.

The girl just can’t help herself. Check it out.

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