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Breaking up is hard to do. For real. Don’t end up being that bitter chick that talks about her ex during future dates or become a Debbie Downer on everyone else’s relationship. Mr. Right is out there, you’ll find him. Until then, here are a few things you may want to avoid doing when a relationship ends from our friends at Madamenoire.com.


After breaking up with your ex, a big part of you is going to miss being in a relationship and you’ll crave the companionship that you once had. However, one of the worst things you can do after getting out of a relationship is rebounding with a new one. Getting into a relationship immediately after ending another doesn’t give you time to heal nor does it give you time to regroup and figure yourself out again.


Breaking up usually means cutting all contact, which can be really hard to do – and may cause you to go into stalker mode, where you look at your ex’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram daily to see what he’s up to and to keep an eye on any new women that he may be talking to. Going into stalker mode will only cause drama and tension.


Once a break up decision is made, there is no need for you two to communicate about much at all. Don’t text him later that night asking how he’s feeling and don’t call him the next day asking when you will see him again. Staying in contact only makes healing and moving on that much harder. Even if you have some words that you’d really like to say to him, don’t. If you two need to figure out something important, such as how to figure out a shared lease, ask friends to act as a middleman for communication.


Ending a relationship can leave us in a very weird place both mentally and emotionally. After a break up, you may feel the need to do something drastic; something you’ve never done before. Going out and getting a tattoo or chopping all of your hair post-break up may not be the best decision. Skipping town and moving to another state may not be too wise either. Drastic decisions after a break up are often rash and not well-thought out. Hold yourself back until you can really make reasonable choices.


All break ups sting and all break ups hurt. However, there is no need for you to give up on relationships and dating completely. Just because this relationship ended doesn’t mean that the next one will. When you find that guy who was meant to be with you forever, breaking up with ex’s in the past will stand as mere learning opportunities. Don’t let this stop your quest for love.

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