If you are in a relationship where arguments are part of your daily routine, you know exactly how tiring it is. It could even make you wonder why you are together at the first place.

1. Ignore small things. He might be tired from work.  Sometimes he just doesn’t feel like doing certain things. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, 

2. Talk about a problem with cool head. When you have a problem, don’t just snap into it with a hot head. People tend not to think clearly when their emotions are involved. Just leave it until both of you are calm and relax.

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3. Accept your man for who he is. You know what kind of person he is.

4. Know when to keep quiet. Sometimes he may say something rude or unpleasant because he was angry or annoyed. Most likely he doesn’t mean what he says.  He loves you.  Once he has calmed down, let him know how his words made you feel. A gentle approach will help him remember to control his words the next time.

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