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Reality TV seems to be a great home for eccentric and flamboyant personalities of all kinds, but Magic and Cookie Johnson are urging their son to stay away for the lure of  reality TV cameras.

The couple’s son, E.J. came out of the closet earlier this year and ever since, he’s been doing a lotta interviews and using social-media, speaking of plans to be a voice for gay youth who may be experiencing difficulties, perhaps even taking a role in a reality TV series.

The National Enquirer spoke with a family friend and is reporting that Magic and Cookie, while fully in support of what E.J. does and who he is, would rather E.J. avoid reality TV.

Quoting the family friend…

“Magic and (his wife) Cookie say they’re very proud of EJ, but they’re also realistic…They know there are folks out there who still hate gay people, and it would break their hearts to hear their son got attacked or even injured just for being himself. Magic knows firsthand how horrible the public can be…After revealing that he was HIV-positive in 1991, he was ridiculed by the public, and some NBA players protested when he played before his final retirement. To this day, he still gets derogatory comments about his sexuality.”

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Source: EURWeb