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A rap video shoot at John Marshall High School has resulted in the arrest of a man, the confiscation of two guns, and dozens of people being questioned about their role in the making of the video.

Ezelle Triplett, did in fact have a permit for his handgun, but was charged with possession of a firearm on school property.

“We went from prosecuting approximately one gun-related defendant a month to now on average we prosecute approximately two to three gun-related defendants a week,” said U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett,  “If that doesn’t send a powerful message to those who want to engage in gun-related crimes, then they’re not listening.”

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry added, “A lot of these weapons are stolen. They end up on the streets. They are changing hands for drugs, for a little amount of money and these handguns pass through a number of hands. We are constantly trying to identify where are these guns coming from and can someone be held accountable for them getting these guns into the hands of a juvenile?”

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Source: Fox59