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Hey, friends! Karen Vaughn here with five tips to help you make it through that time of the year; the kids are going back-to-school!

Some of y’all might actually be happy to have the kids out of the house during the day and to be done with that weekly camp fee (YEESH!)…and some of y’all might be a little down-in-the-dumps because the house seems so QUIET NOW. I’ve got five tips for every parent sending their beloved children back to school…ready, GO!

1) Prep the night before; lay out their clothes AND your clothes before you go to bed. Keep it simple.

2) ALWAYS have breakfast; It really is the most important meal of the day. Make sure your child has a solid start to the day by making sure they don’t leave the house hungry.

3) Establish a designated time for studying; At our house, ‘study time’ begins RIGHT after ‘school time’. I ask my son to get to work on his homework as soon as he gets in the house and comfortable. The structure we’ve established makes it so there aren’t many “Did you do your homework?” conversations.

4) Meet Your Child’s Teachers And Principal ASAP; You need to establish to the people in charge of your child’s education that your child does have a support system at home. Be involved from the very beginning of school and stay involved all year.

5) Be ready to talk about their day…EVERY DAY; engage your child. Ask them, “What did you learn today?”. This question is far more illuminating than it may seem on face-value, leading to other conversations and insights into where your child’s mind is EVERY DAY. Always have this conversation.

Hopefully, these tips will prove helpful to some of you good folks out there! Let’s enjoy this school year!