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Last year, reports that Craig Mack, the rapper known for ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ and one of the first artists signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, had joined a cult in South Carolina. His family expressed concerns for his mental state and well-being.

This week, video of Craig Mack testifying in a church pastored by 82 year-old radio preacher R.G. Stair has hit the internet and his family’s concerns have come to the forefront again. See it below…

In the video, Stair asks a gentleman to stand and asks him his name. The gentleman replies, “My name is Craig Mack”. The preacher continues, “…and what did you do in the world?”, to which the rapper responds, “Wickedness”. Mr. Stair continues, “…and what do you do now?”. Craig Mack responds, “Righteousness!”

Craig Mack is the 4th rapper formerly with Bad Boy to “turn his life around” after coming into the public consciousness with Bad Boy Entertainment. Ma$e left the label to become a preacher, Loon became a devout Muslim, Shyne was released from prison and announced he’d converted to Judaism.

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Source: CKHID