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It’s like the money woes are never-ending for our girl Toni Braxton. Not even one month ago, it was happily reported that the pint-sized beauty was finally in the clear of her long-lived bankruptcy debt, after paying $150,000 to her debtors. But unfortunately, the drama continues to linger on.

According to TMZ, back when Toni reached an settlement in her bankruptcy case, she agreed to put up the rights to 27 songs from her music catalog as collateral. Part of the agreement was that she could buy the rights back for $20K, the other part was that she could be outbid. While no one was watching, a man by the name of Ross M. Klein, swooped down and purchased the tunes for double the price of Toni’s $20K offer. Titles in Klein’s acquired collection include “You’re Making Me High,” “How Many Ways” and “Always.” We hear that “Un-break My Heart” is not among the songs acquired by Klein, so hopefully she held back and didn’t give up all of her major hits.

Although it’s really a messed up to think that someone is now reaping the benefits of Toni’s years and years of hard work, there’s not really much that can be said since Klein reportedly purchased the tunes fair and square at an auction. The good news is that not only is six-time Grammy Award-winning singer working on a new album, she’s also going on tour.

Source: Madame Noire