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How many times have you been at the local grocery store and someone gets hustled to the ground by the store owner for shoplifting?  Maybe once, right?  What about news crews at your local store to interview the store owner about shoplifters…that are still in the store?

Lenin Ubiera-Cruz was being interviewed by WFTV about the consistent shoplifting at the Family Foods Supermarket store he manages in Orlando, Florida, when he had an unexpected opportunity. Ubiera-Cruz was telling the reporter about all of the “stolen meat, beer, sausage and” how the man had “even stuffed a whole carton of eggs in his pants” when lo and behold, who comes skipping out of the store…the SHOPLIFTER!

“At that time, he was, uh,” Ubiera-Cruz said, breaking off speaking when someone outside the store caught his eye. ”Just give me one second,” Ubiera-Cruz said, taking off running. “This is the guy that stole the other day.”

Ubiera-Cruz sprang into action, with camera crews hot on his heels, and ran to the exit of the store to stop the man.  But, when he showed no sign of surrender, Ubiera-Cruz goes WWE on the man and body slams him to the concrete and holds him in a citizen’s arrest.  Later, Ubiera-Cruz and other family members injure the man when they handcuff him, who repeatedly says he didn’t steal anything.  The full citizen’s arrest took a little over 12 minutes and then police arrived.

Check out the shocking video caught by WFTV.