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During the George Zimmerman murder trial Tuesday, the prosecution presented photos of Trayvon Martin‘s corpse as evidence and heard testimony from one the first officers to arrive at the scene. The images and testimony were reportedly so graphic that Martin’s father was forced to leave the courtroom to compose himself in the middle of the session.

Megyn Kelly showed footage from the officer’s testimony on her Fox News show this afternoon, warning viewers to “bear with us” because “it’s somewhat graphic.”

The officer testified that he heard a “bubbling sound” when he was performing CPR on Trayvon Martin. He said those noises indicated “that either air was getting into or escaping from the chest in a manner that it was not supposed to.”

Jury consultant Susan Constantine told Kelly that as soon as the photos and description began to appear, Trayvon Martin’s father got up and exited the courtroom. “His chin was wrinkling up, his eyes were welling up,” she reported, “and he very briskly walked out the door.” Constantine noted that Trayvon’s mother stayed seated in the courtroom throughout the testimony and “remained composed” the entire time.

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Source: Mediaite