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The legacy of LeBron James is four MVPs and two NBA titles. A seven-game series win over the San Antonio Spurs, dramatically lifting his Heat to two must-win games to secure that second championship. He’s now raised back-to-back winners and further cemeted himself in the conversation as truly one of the greatest players ever.

Oh, you hadn’t heard? The Heat have already won the 2012-13 NBA title. At least according to LeBron’s new shoes, the low-top LeBron X.

So here are our options: 2) Nike either really messed up and will have to recall all those shoes if the Spurs win or b) it’s a signature, limited special edition that just got ahead of itself a little. If it’s the first, then obviously Nike is really, really, really going to be rooting for LeBron and the Heat to finish off San Antonio. Which they probably are already since the Spurs don’t have a marquee Nike endorser.

Maybe it’s just like how the NBA has championship hats and shirts printed for both teams and will just send the losing side’s stuff off to a third-world country. That’s probably what will happen with LeBron’s kicks if the Heat lose.

Game Six is tonight in Miami.

Source: CBSSports