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And bold-faced liars.

When I read a recent article on The Stir about the lies pregnant women tell, I actually laughed out loud and thought, “Yes! Thank you for saying that! Finally, some truth in pregnancy!” I knew immediately that I had to share my favorite five from the list, so here they are.

LIE 1: “I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy”

Obviously, every woman wants a healthy baby. I mean, no one’s out there praying for an unhealthy child, let’s be real. But most women do have a preference.

LIE 2: “Pregnancy is GREAT!”

Pregnancy is hard, and even a bit terrifying. Maybe you’re one of those super blessed-and totally rare-women who have the best pregnancy ever, but the likelihood is that most pregnant women totally fib about their “fabulous” pregnancies.

LIE 3: “Oooo, I just LOOOVE this gift!”

Like The Stir says, “It’s the thought that counts, sure. But there are some really awful baby outfits and gifts out there.” And I couldn’t agree more. While I’d never look a gift horse in the mouth, I cringe at some of the things I’ve seen given at baby showers.

LIE 4: “I Quit Smoking”

There is nothing good about smoking during pregnancy, and everyone knows it. And because smoking is an incredibly hard habit to quit (Christ, do it for your baby!), many women will simply say they’ve quit to appease you – but one news article claims many actually don’t! Indeed, the report points out that despite known risks, 1 in 5 women smoke while pregnant.

LIE 5: “I Haven’t Decided on a Name”

LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! Your baby is going to be in this world within four weeks, and you don’t have any name ideas yet!? I call B.S.! Just fess up and admit that you’re not sharing the name yet.