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10. No Calls at All

  • You used to speak daily, even with the recent breakup. Now, he’s completely broken the cycle of checking in to see how your day was and calling “just because.” If he has finally stopped calling you, he may have given the relationship the heave-ho.

9. He Breaks Promise He Normally Keeps

  • There were a few things he promised he’d do even though you two weren’t together. Take your car to the shop, fix your closet door and move the stuff from the garage to the storage shed. Not only has the time come and gone for him to fulfill his promises, but he hasn’t even mentioned it, and it’s as if he never said he’d help you at all.

8. He’s Rude to You

7. He Plays the Blame Game

  • Once you finally get a little one-on-one time to chat with him, you bring up the situation that led you both to break up, and he blames you for everything. No matter what the topic is, he’s spinning it so you’re to blame and you’re at fault for making the decision to end things.

6. He Asks for His Stuff Back

5. He Makes Excuses for Why It’s Over

4. He’s the Rabbit That Disappears from the Hat

  • You haven’t heard from him in weeks. Sure, you knew things were on the decline, and you both agreed to some space to adjust to your new status — but you also both agreed you would try to muster a friendship out of it. The only problem is he’s completely dropped off the face of your earth without a plan to return.

3. He’s Cool With You Dating

2. You See Some Rather Inappropriate Photos

1. He Introduces You to the New Girlfriend


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