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While shooting the video to her follow-up single “The One”, Tamar Braxton, who hit it big with “Love And War”,  “delivered” an exclusive interview to where she shared her candid feelings about being pregnant, what she’s wearing, what she’s eating and if she’s packed a bag for the hospital!  She also revealed a “few” details about her upcoming album. Here are the highlights:

On what it “feels” like to be pregnant:

I don’t think any pregnancy is easy…people don’t talk about that a lot. Everybody’s like omg it’s a gift, it’s a blessing…it is! But it sucks!

On being named one of “Best Dressed Expectant Mothers”:

I just dress to my liking. It’s nothing that I’m doing purposely. Right now, I refuse to wear maternity clothes. You go through a bit of denial. I just think there are other things to wear rather than big t-shirts and clothes that make you feel unflattering. When you’re pregnant, you want to feel as sexy as you can….and that is my goal!

On who she’s wearing:

I call it my “maternity” McQueen…because a lot of his things are stretchy. A lot of BCBG. I refuse to wear anything uncomfortable.

On her cravings:

I still like sweet stuff. I’m like greedy Gonzales now (and she still loves Dunkin Donuts apple fritters).

On what she will take to the hospital:

It won’t be anything high fashion…it will all be comfortable clothes. (And she hasn’t packed a baby bag yet!)

On how she will raise her child:

I think if I follow her blueprint (her mom Evelyn) I’ll be alright. My parents did a great job raising us. We’ve grown up to respect our parents and respect others. We get into little tiffs but we always make up. Those are the values I’d like to instill in my child.

On her next single:

This single…I love it so much. It’s a throwback single…it’s one of those summertime anthems.  As so as you hear it….you’ll love it.

On her leading man:

He’s yummy right? He’s kind of yummy in a creepy way cause he looks like my brother and my brother’s son.

On her album:

My album comes out soon. It’s done. It’s ready. (She doesn’t want to give a date because it keep s changing).

On who she’s listening to:

Fantasia, Kelly Rowland and Miguel 

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