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An off-duty Kansas City police officer working a security job at a local Walmart helped a pregnant woman deliver her baby in the store’s parking lot on Saturday, KCTV-5 reports.

Marsheanna Clark was walking out of a Kansas city Walmart around 7 p.m. when she realized that her water had broken. She knew her baby was on the way, though she didn’t expect it to arrive in a parking lot. And neither did officer Matt Phelps, whose baby-delivery skills were limited to what he experienced with the births of his own four children. “I worked on instinct and the limited first aid training I’ve had,” he said.

When Phelps, a seven year veteran of the force, got a call that a woman was in labor in the parking lot, “he ran outside, pulled up a bench for Clark and did what he could.”

Here is more from KCTV-5:

Clark, 20, thought she had some time when the first labor symptoms started coming but, within five minutes of meeting Phelps, Marshayla Clark – at 6 pounds, 7 ounces – greeted her mom in the front entrance of Walmart.

“When it wants to come, it’s just going to come,” Clark said. “You can’t do nothing, but go with the flow. I just had to push.”

She said she didn’t have any contractions that day and no real pain. She described it as one push and her baby was born.

“I’m still in shock like, ‘no, I did not have my baby like that,’” Clark said.

The ambulance arrived about five minutes after Phelps delivered the child Saturday. Despite the dramatic birth story, mother and baby are doing well.

Phelps has worked as off-duty security at that Walmart for five years and said he mostly handles shoplifting cases there – never any baby deliveries.

Clack was 39 weeks pregnant and was expecting to deliver on Thursday. Marshayla, however, had other plans.

Such a feel good story to see a police officer going “beyond the call of duty” to help a fellow citizen. Great job, Officer Phelps!

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