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There are certain things that your man is craving in the bedroom that he really wants you to do to him but you have no idea what they are. That is because he isn’t going to tell you and he probably never will. These are his fantasies and typically, people don’t like to talk about their sexual fantasies because it is often a very touchy subject. The things that people fantasize about are very personal and if they let that information be known, they worry that they are going to be judged for it.

Instead of prying into your man’s brain to know what his deepest and darkest fantasies are so you can make them come true, they are going to be spelled out for you today. You are going to learn what every man really wants in bed and how you are going to be able to give him just that tonight.

The first fantasy that many men have is for women to take control in the bedroom Sometimes.  He wants you to want to get on top and he wants you to want to initiate sex. Men often never talk about this because it always ends up in some sort of an argument. Don’t be that woman. Instead, do take control and give your man what he wants. Not only are you pleasing him more, but also you are pleasing yourself. It is a turn on to feel that power in the bedroom and it is something that you should really learn to enjoy. This can give your sex life a huge boost.

The second fantasy that most men have is for women to role play a little. He wants to see the kinkier side of you revealed. You don’t necessarily have to dress up in some sort of an outfit, but it doesn’t hurt any. Not only does this get him in the mood, but again, it helps to get you in the mood and helps you to feel more comfortable. Try a little role playing and guaranteed you are both going to want to do it again.