WTLC’S Kelly Vaughn is in Muncie, Indiana at Ball State University to sit in on the big David Letterman Interview with Oprah Winfrey on Monday.  Tune in Tuesday morning for a behind-the -scenes look.   To prepare for the landmark meeting of media superstars, we’ve crafted a Letterman-inspired Top 10 list of questions he won’t ask Oprah at Emens Auditorium.. 

10. Is everyone going home with a new car?

9. Are you house-hunting for a new Indiana getaway?

8. Who’s your favorite Ball brother?

7. Want to buy an IndyCar?

6. Have you chatted with Uma Thurman lately?

5. Want to go in with me for 10 bucks in Powerball tickets?

4. You’re aware that Stedman has a master’s degree from Ball State? (It’s true).

3. If Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

2. Did you know that Dr. Phil was my first choice for this deal?

1. Does this look infected to you?

(Source: David Lindquist/IndyStar.com)

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