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The King’s Men tour is changing lives, entertaining minds and  creating a new level of gospel excellence.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect to see.

Los Angeles-   Charlotte Dorsey

First of all, the venue was perfect in terms of seating as well as the lighting.  The sound system was appropriate and the temperature inside the theater also well controlled.

When I walked into the amphitheater, you could feel the power of the anointing already in that place.  It was electrifying and I’m going to say up front, right now, this needs to happen again in Los Angeles. I knew I had to write a review and tried hard to remember specific points to share but I must admit I lost my focus especially when Kirk started with Melodies in Heaven, it was unbelievable.  Although he had his own singers, he also had another choir which was the entire audience as there was total participation.

All I have to say when it comes to Donnie McClurkin is “I call him Holy”.  I’ve never seen Donnie in person but I know and sing all of his songs.  There is something about watching Donnie sing for the Lord, you know he had a direct connection with the holy-spirit and it comes through song.

It’s so wonderful to hear about the Israel’s sponsorship of a child in Africa and his encouragement of others to spend so little to save a life was completely compassionate and heart surrendering.

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