• Make your space as warm and inviting for him as possible. Your guy may feel uncomfortable surrounded by pink pillows and a nosy cat and not want to curl up with you in a highly feminine area.

  • Offer to give him a back rub the next time you’re relaxing on the couch. This will help loosen him up and help you make your move. Stop and give him a quick hug in the middle and then make it a longer hug. If he’s more relaxed, he might be willing to cuddle more.

  • Invade his personal space a little, but keep things casual. The next time you’re sitting around, try throwing your leg over his or reaching for his hand. You’ll be letting him know how comfortable you feel, and he might even be tempted to cuddle up next to you.

  • Tell him when you’re not together how much you love cuddling with him. The next time he calls mention how much you loved curling up on the couch in front of the television on your last date. The more you mention the little things you love about cuddling, the more he’ll want to do it.

  • Ask him if there’s a reason why he won’t cuddle with you. If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get your boyfriend to budge, come right out and ask him why he doesn’t like cuddling.

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