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While Justin Combs spent the weekend celebrating his high school graduation with his father Diddy (Sean Combs) and mother Misa there were some people criticizing him and UCLA for the his full football scholarship. People were complaining that since his dad is very wealthy he should not accept it. Instead of everyone offering praises for the new Bruins baller, Justin Combs has received some criticism as some folks seem to think his annual $54,000 MERIT-BASED scholarship award is taking away money from other students who actually need it. Both the University and Justin responded to the criticism.

UCLA responded saying:

“There’s a misconception out there that somehow athletic scholarships would take away money from low-income students who need need-based aid. That’s not the case. Athletic scholarships are awarded strictly on the basis of athletic and academic ability.”

Justin Combs responded saying:

 “Regardless what the circumstances are, I put that work in!!! PERIOD. Regardless of what you do in life everyone is gonna have their own opinion. Stay focused, keep that tunnel vision and never forget why you started.”

Justin graduated with a 3.7 GPA. There’s no denying P. Diddy can afford to send his son to college. The entertainment mogul was recently named the wealthiest artist in Hip-Hop by Forbes Magazine, so far adding $45 million to his empire in 2012 alone.