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The Trayvon Martin case has touched a nerve in me. It’s actually quite heartbreaking; a kid can get shot and killed by a man who was told directly by the police NOT to follow him and NOT to get involved past the call he made to police and NOTHING HAPPENS.

This ain’t right. There is no way in the world this is right. At the VERY least, George Zimmerman should be detained and charged with SOMETHING. He is walking the streets right now, having claimed ‘self-defense’ in a case of what clearly sounds like some form of deranged vigilante  justice carried out by a guy with a chip on his shoulder, ready to profile the mess outta anyone who looked a little different (i.e. ‘darker’) than him.

Let’s look at a couple of quotes from the call George Zimmerman made to 911 in Sanford, FL when he saw someone “suspicious”

“This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something,”
“He’s just staring, looking at all the houses. Now he’s coming toward me. He’s got his hand in his waistband. Something’s wrong with him.”
On the 911 tape, it sounds like a guy setting up his defense…and it really takes a turn towards ‘Dirty Harry fantasy fulfillment’ with this quote…
“These assholes…they always get away.” followed by  “Shit, he’s running.”

Soon after that, the police dispatcher asks Zimmerman, “Are you following him?” and Zimmerman replies that he is. The police dispatcher immediately says, “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”, but Zimmerman did.

He sure did follow Trayvon Martin. He sure did confront Trayvon Martin. He sure did have a gun and Trayvon Martin didn’t. He sure did shoot Trayvon Martin. He sure did kill Trayvon Martin. Yes, George Zimmerman did.

You could know just a minimal bit about the case and see these facts plain as day. In most civilized parts of America, Zimmerman would be in jail right now…and I hesitate to think of what would be happening to George Zimmerman right now if he had shot a young white kid.

I’ve tried not to view this as simply a racial issue. I’ve done all I can to just say this is simply about an unhinged man running around with a gun claiming to be protecting his neighborhood, but as more facts about George Zimmerman and the police department come to light, the idea of a cover-up and some kinda awful, awful, awful, miscarriage of justice being allowed to happen jump to my mind, first and foremost. To me, just the idea that a child can be shot, an unarmed child with no criminal record, can be SHOT AND KILLED in HIS NEIGHBORHOOD by a guy claiming to protect that neighborhood…well, that’s just insanity.

How do the people who live in that neighborhood feel right now…ESPECIALLY the parents…and ESPECIALLY the Black ones?

The non-action of the police in Sanford, FL to prosecute a child-murderer equates to the parents being told, “Welp, your kid “looked suspicious”. Sorry about your luck. Maybe you should move…” God help you should you “look suspicious” in Sanford, FL cuz that means you can be HUNTED and KILLED.

Now, to my point, and to bring it all home. We’re talking about ‘Springing into action’ on the station this weekend in regards to the weather breaking, but there’s a few ways to look at that phrase. Your voice is powerful, people. You saw how everyone sprung into action when they found out about Joseph Kony via a viral video. I’d like to see how much noise we can make about George Zimmerman, injustice, gun laws, and profiling in America. We, the people, have to say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. WE ARE NOT EXPENDABLE. WE MATTER.” and we have to make noise. We hafta take stands. We hafta “Spring Into Action”.

You can start here and it will cost you nothing more than about 90 seconds of your time. I’m enclosing a link to a petition to have George Zimmerman prosecuted for the murder of Trayvon Martin. The petition was started by the Martin Family, I signed it as soon as I was aware of its existence. I wanna give you, the listeners of WTLC the same opportunity. I believe at the VERY LEAST, there is a reason to detain and prosecute George Zimmerman. There’s no way this man should be walking the streets…anywhere.

Petition to have George Zimmerman prosecuted for the murder of Trayvon Martin (Click here to go and sign it)

Trayvon Martin coulda been anybody’s kid, folks. We hafta spring into action and say, “Stop killing our children. Stop making them villains and victims before they’ve even had a chance to live life.” Officials in Florida have actually stated that George Zimmerman was not detained because he has a ‘squeaky, clean record’ and ‘went to college’. Trayvon Martin had NO criminal record…and he’ll never even have a chance to say he ‘went to college’. Think about that. This kid’s life isn’t worth investigating further because his killer is so-called ‘clean’ (although Zimmerman was about to face charges of assaulting a police officer in 2005, charges that were dropped. Interesting. Who does hi know in the police department or justice system there, man? This dude is smacking cops around and killing unarmed kids and WALKING THE STREETS. WoW.)

Let’s get the word out. Sign the petition. Tweet the hashtag, #MakeGeorgeFamous, if you’re on Twitter. Tweet it to the station at @1067WTLC or me at @rustymk2. I will retweet that and thank you greatly.

This is about justice, your kids, my little cousins and the message we send must be firm.

Spring into action, y’all. Make George famous.

God bless us all,