Worst Mistakes on a Job Interview

CareerBuilder surveyed over 3,000 employers and hiring managers and came up with a list of the worst mistakes a candidate can make during a job interview.

1. Answering or texting on phones tops the black list. More than 3-quarters of the respondents said this was the worst thing a candidate could do. It may seem like an obvious interview no-no, but hiring managers say it does happen.

2. Appearing disinterested and not dressing for the occasion can also hurt your job prospects. Candidates who think they know it all can come across as arrogant and give off red flags during an interview.

3. Talking negatively about previous or current employers can also hurt your chances. That’s a turn off for hiring managers.

4. Other things to avoid include chewing gum and showing up late.

5. On the list of things you should do, always know a bit about the company you are applying to before the interview. You can do this by doing a little online research about the company culture and products.

CareerBuilder also suggests preparing special anecdotes to highlight parts of you

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