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The Super Bowl’s Half Time Show is always the spectacle when it comes to the big game. This year, 53-year-old Madonna proved why she is and always will be the Queen. She flexed her relevancy by sharing the stage with pop culture phenoms LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and Ceelo Green.

LMFAO, Ceelo and M.I.A. all had their own standout moments, but what did our beloved Barbie get? Literally three seconds of grinding her booty on Madonna, 15 seconds of her signature face morphing rhymes and a crotch shot or two.

Nicki’s used to being the spectacle, so why’d she get the shaft in this star-studded half time show? Here’s three reasons why Nicki could have saved the trip and watched from her couch.

1. M.I.A.’s Little Birdy

We all know M.I.A. had her middle finger moment, and that’s what all the water cooler talk is about today. It’s no Janet Jackson nipple, but her cameo was as small as Nicki’s so M.I.A. made sure she was remembered in her performance with Madonna.

2. All About Ceelo

Ceelo Green is having the best year ever. After his cult classic hit, “F*ck You,” this former Goodie Mobb vocalist is in high demand. Madonna let him take the spotlight from drum major to swathed in sequins and Ceelo drank every little shining second in. We almost forgot that Nicki was even a part of this show. Ceelo also gets a gold star for not lip syncing.

3. Cheers!

Madonna had her own army of Minaj look-alike cheerleaders who got more stage time that Nicki. Something ain’t right when the extras get more play that the star.

Do you think Nicki Minaj’s short appearance with Madonna at the Super Bowl was worth the trip?

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