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Marriage problems. Those two words pretty much sum up last night’s entire episode of “Braxton Family Values”. Ironically, Tamar and Vince head to Chicago to speak at a relationship seminar, but argue the whole way there. They both get on each other’s nerves as Vince tells Tamar that they’re moving in a few weeks which leaves Tamar in a frenzy with no time to plan…well..anything. Vince tells Tamar to let him handle everything and not to worry about it. “He’s in the dog house,” Tamar tells cameras.

Back in Atlanta, Trina and her band go out for a couple drinks but with Trina, a couple drinks always turns into a drunken night. Trina feels like she’s had one too many, and decides to get a hotel room for the night, so she doesn’t have to drive home drunk and risk getting another DUI. I guess calling her husband, Gabe, was out of the question because when she returned home the next morning, there was Gabe sitting at the kitchen table waiting for her to return. He questioned her whereabouts (like any normal husband would) and Trina snaps back at him like he had no business asking her those rediculous questions. This marriage needs serious help!

Trina and Tamar aren’t the only ones going through problems with their men, Towanda and Andre are still rocky and now that Trina has asked Towanda to move out of her house, things are even more shaky. Towanda has enough money to put a down payment on a new house and Andre asks Towanda if he can move back in with her and the kids. “If I move back in, are we going to go back to making love regularly?” Andre asks Towanda on their coffee date. Was I the only one a little grossed out by that question? Towanda wants Andre to go to therapy and suggests that he go and live with his grandmother until he gets some help. Lord have mercy.. this is a mess!

Back in Chicago, Tamar and Vince are getting ready for their speaking engagement which turns out to be at a speed dating event. They talk about how important it is to build a foundation in a relationship and how blessed they are to be in each other’s lives. It’s at this moment that we finally see the softer side to Tamar, and see just why they fell in love with each other in the first place. Tamar then gives the quote of the night to all the ladies out there, “Ladies, if you’re on your 8th date and he’s trying to sleep with you, he is not the one. When he out that ring on it, then I put that thang on it!” Amen sista! At least one of the sister’s is having a great marriage.

Trina and Gabe go visit Dr. Sherry in hopes that she can fix their relationship. We learn that Gabe has still been communicating with other females in an inappropriate manner through social networks and embarrassing Trina. You can see in Trina’s face that she’s had enough, and she doesn’t even wear her wedding ring again. The couple agree to try one last time to make things work, with Gabe moving out of their bedroom and into the guest room. Hopefully this time they’ll fix everything.

The episode ends with Towanda moving into her new home and the sisters and Mama Ev visiting for the first time.  They notice that Towanda’s closest is a “his and her” closet, meaning that she’s allowed Andre to move in with her and give their relationship another try. “I mean, he IS the father of my children” Towanda tells cameras. Hey, no shade being thrown here!

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