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When you tied the knot, you did so out of love (at least we hope so) and the desire to spend your days with this incredible person who completely “gets” and accepts you. But there’s a big bonus that comes along with it (and we’re not talking about that blingy ring on your finger): You did your health a huge favor by saying “I do.”

From living a longer, less stressful life to reducing your chances of depression, there are a whole host of health benefits to being married.

You’re healthier overall.

If you’re in a good, supportive marriage, chances are, you’ll take better care of yourself. “Married people are healthier because they have someone to nag them, which we can’t underestimate the power of,” notes Loving. “We have someone with a vested interest in us, reminding us about medications or to eat healthier. When we are in a relationship or with someone we care about, it pushes us to do better things ourselves.”

Although some might complain about married life being more “routine,” that can actually benefit your health. “Married couples tend to have a more regular schedule and that has a huge influence on health-related behavior.

When you have a partner in life, you’re also more likely to get social support for healthy activities, such as hitting the gym regularly and making sure you schedule your doctor appointments.

So get married and live a better life.

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