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Give yourself time to mourn the loss of relationship and be realistic about expectations for yourself during this period. Don’t expect to adjust to single life immediately as it is a growing and learning process. If you suffer depression, be proactive aboutyour health and peace of mind.

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    Learn how to become self-sufficient to develop more stability and confidence. It may be that you find you are inexperienced with certain aspects of daily living.

  • Adjust to single life by using this time to get to know yourself. This often seems like empty words of advice from others until you have spent at least a year as a single person, and often longer. However, it is about the most important thing to accomplish prior to seeking a new relationship. You may be surprised at how you feel in six months, twelve months and beyond. Often our attitudes and preferences are influenced by others—a time will come when you know what thoughts and practices are truly your own.

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    Find an activity that you are passionate about, if one is missing from your life. If what you enjoyed most was shared with your loved one then it may take a little more effort to adjust. Try to venture out on your own or with friends and keep an open mind towards new endeavors — from volunteer work to vocational pursuits. It may be helpful to reflect on past dissatisfactions with prior in a relationship — be it lack of freedom, peace or choice to pursue your interests.

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    Keep work and play in balance as you adjust to single life. Often, people will take on more work or play too hard to compensate for emptiness and loneliness. If you are happy and healthy this is likely not a problem, but be mindful of being too busy to enjoy other people and life in general.

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    Network with others and find single friends. It is not necessary to end your current relationships, but sadly some couples treat their newly single friends differently, or eventually you may find that you have too little in common. If you’re shy or need encouragement seek out clubs and groups dedicated to singles.