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The notion of completely doing away with the “N-Word” is an on-going debate with no clear end in sight. Some people find it offensive, cringing anytime it is heard whether it be mainstream or locally; some others come across nonchalantly, seemingly careless. Some say it has no meaning left to it and that it is simply a word. Some agree that “n***a” is different than saying “n***r” because one has malicious intent and the other simply a way to address an individual of any race. With several opposing sides the debate seems unsolvable.

The “N-Word” is used frequently in Hip Hop and often defended by the artists. DJ Khaled, Palestinian descent, most recently defended his use of the word in an interview with saying “I’m a n***a. If somebody ever took that in an arrogant – if someone thinks it in another way, they dumb.[…]I grew up like that. It’s slang. It’s actually a positive word the way that I use it, the way that Ace [Hood] is using it. If you think like that, that goes back to the internet.”

It is evident that the “N-Word” isn’t taking a vacation anytime soon, the question I pose for you is, as an African American are you more offended when other races use the word ‘n***r’?” In 2008 Fat Joe, Puerto Rican/Cuban descent, said “N***a, b***h, hoe/some chicks is b****s, some chicks is hoes…Now who gonna tell me I can’t say n***a?”

Does that comment sting more than it would if it was coming from a black person? Lets try this line from Jay-Z’s song “N***a What?” which uses the word throughout the song: “N***a what, n***a who? n***a what, n***a who? Switch ya flow, get ya dough, can’t f**k with this Roc-a-Fella s**t doe.” Jay-Z uses the same “N-Word” as Khaled and Joe but being that he is doesn’t get penalized. Does that make it easier to cope?

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