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I don’t do creamy liquor. I barely do fruity cocktails. If you hand me a Kahlua-infused drink or Bahama Mama, I honestly won’t know what to do with it. I’m a vodka-seltzer kind of girl, simple and to the point. It gets me where I need to be without a sugar rush, headache or stomachache.

BUT, when we, here at the HB offices, heard about Pharrell’s Qream liqueur launch party last month (to which we weren’t invited, but all is forgiven, and you’ll see why!), our interest peaked.

After all, we’d heard good things. Really good things. First, that it was catered to women which, let’s be honest, is what HB is all about. Second, it was low in calories, lower than those found in a glass of red wine. Wine, people! That’s everyone’s guiltless go-to drink! Third (and this is more personal), it was dairy-free; a plus for me since I’m lactose-intolerant. And finally, not only was it dessert-inspired, but it could literally be baked, poured and cooked into sweets. Into them. Cupcakes, cream puffs, parfaits…

So, after we picked our salivating mouths up from off the floor, we got ourselves a bottle. And though the vodka can in fact be mixed into a cocktail, we opted for having it on the rocks: just Qream, ice and some styrofoam cups (don’t judge). The reactions were unanimous.

It was light. Silky, even. A not-too-thick type of consistency. It didn’t coat our tongues and overwhelm our taste buds. The Peach flavor was so subtly sweet, we likened it to a Creamsicle. Even a hesitant male co-worker begrudgingly admitted through his teeth, “Not bad.” We immediately started looking up pastry recipes and picturing all the scenarios a sip would be perfect in – hello, girls’ night in! And soon after the last pour, we wanted to get the Strawberry-flavored version.

If you need further convincing, the 750ml bottle is less than $30. So both your body and your wallet won’t feel guilty afterward. Go!

Check out Qream’s drink & dessert recipes HERE!

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