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After a snow-ridden winter (what’s snow again?) my caramel beach body is aching to get some sun-love, man-love, and that real unconditional starry eyed love. I know I’m not alone, as soon as the temperature starts to rise the amount of cat calls, reckless opportunities and persistent pursuers come to surface. The opportunities for romance intensify as folks are more prone to stay outdoors and take advantage of the longer days, the steamy nights, and precious vacation time. Ironically, the start of summer is when singletons tend to change hands so to speak. A winter boo may be exchanged for a new summer one, they may get cheated on or a singleton may just opt to reactivate serial dating mode.

Either way, I have never been privy to a summer fling. To me the definition of a summer fling is one that is short, sweet with very few strings attached. I am a sucker for love, if I am into a dude, it’s all or nothing. I’ve never made a conscious decision to end a fling when the weather gets cooler, am I missing out?

Could the sweltering heart hypnosis of a summer fling be the kick start every single gal needs in order to get warmed up for a more committed relationship? The fear of trying something new could possibly be holding us back from finding something true. I support the idea of summer flings, one with straight liquor no chaser communication. Considering a summer fling? Already wound up in one? Here my tips for successful summer love:

  • Be honest: If you have time to giggle and sip on cocktails on the beach you definitely have time to let it be known to each other that you are looking for a good time this summer. If you’re looking for a commitment you owe it to yourself to let that be known too.
  • Playing With Fire: Summer and infidelity go hand in hand. Many patrons of summer flings do so because it’s a temporary escape from their “day job”. If you’re not the “other woman” type please do your research, be aware of the consequences and know the man you are dealing with.
  • Live It Up: A summer fling is not a fling if it’s spent indoors doing mundane activities. Take advantage of fairs, outdoor concerts, amusement parks, and festivals in your city.
  • Vacation Boo: If you meet a sexy native on a Caribbean vacation and you hit it off, as a woman of island descent I must warn you, DO NOT attempt to bring this dude back with you! Let the relationship if there is to be one, grow slowly overtime.
  • Safety First: A summer fling may be with someone you just met and as a woman it is your duty to make sure you have safety precautions in place. Always let a friend know where you will be at, carry your own condoms, and for the first little while stay in public areas.

All this writing has got my imagination running. The chocolate bodies are in full effect and I may just consider living on the edge this summer. We’ll see!

Beauties, have you ever had a summer fling? Would you suggest a summer fling to a single girl? Do you feel that summer flings prevent a woman from finding a committed relationship? Why or Why Not?

Don’t get shy on me now!

About the author: Telisha Ng is a freelance writer and author of the Goddess Intellect blog from Toronto, Canada. Connect with her on twitter @goddess_I

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