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Most talk about Sunday’s BET Awards centered on the Chris Brown-Rihanna screw-up, however, I heard little to nothing regarding the skit involving rapper Nicki Minaj and teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber.

During the segment in which both artists rambled about who had the strongest fan base, Bieber began to flirt with the female MC. Minaj, 26, responded by asking the 17-year-old if he could drive, implicitly suggesting he is too young for her. While it rendered as a harmless crush — as would a student have for his older, attractive teacher—things got a little inappropriate when Minaj posed the question to Bieber, “Can you handle curves?” The comment was an apparent sexual innuendo and reference to her infamous rear end. Bieber replied with a resolute “Yes I can.”

Though I understand the skit had no intention to be inappropriate or offensive, it unfortunately turned out to be just that.

Since when was it OK for a minor to be implicated in such sexualized language?

17-years-old or not, Bieber is still underage, not to mention most of his fan base (most of whom stood with him on the stage) are preteen and teenage girls. The blame could be placed on Minaj and Bieber, but truthfully BET is the ultimate culprit. The network’s attempt to be provocative fell flat into a dangerous and highly sensitive locale.

But where is the public scorn?

There’s no way this would have passed if the circumstances were different. If the skit featured a male hip-hop artist and an underage girl (God forbid even white), the media would have thrown pebbles at BET and the artist himself. I guess it’s excusable if it’s a female rapper and an underage Canadian.

This isn’t the first time Justin was involved with inappropriateness regarding older women. Bieber raised eyebrows when he and Kim Kardashian, 30, befriended one another in what seemed a bit improper. Personally, I feel Bieber is growing up too fast and it’s much too soon to be involved in such raciness. While this is purely entertainment, in the real word it reaps punitive implications.

I suggest BET, Bieber and Minaj be a little more careful the next time they decide to partake in an immodest “joke.”


BET Has Become The New KKK

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