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Jill Scott was recently at Harmonie Park Studios in Detroit for a private listening session for her upcoming album “The Light Of The Sun”.

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The first record introduced was “Le BOOM Vent Suite”, a nine minute song Scott recorded without written lyrics. The soul sister tells all, “The album is meant to be warm, refreshing and (after a long pause) revealing. It is a complete thought, it’s a story. The concept of the album is free thought, free thinking and a whole bunch of honesty…I went into the studio with Adam Blackstone, my music director… we had some drinks and we chilled out for a while. Then when I felt good and nice I said it was time…the engineer hit record, they didn’t know what they were going to play, I didn’t know what I was going to say.”

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After a nine minute introduction to “The Light Of The Sun” with “Le BOOM Vent Suite”, Jill explains the next record she would play, which goes by three titles: “So Gone” “What My Mind Says” and respectively “Diamond Chip Dick”. Southern rapper Paul Wall joins Jill on this track playing the roll of her “Maintenance Man”, the ex that still has her hypnotized below the hips. “This song kind of embarrasses him a little bit…Diamond Chip Dick for anyone who may not understand is the vision when the zipper is unleashed and BLING (laughs) its kind of like that.”

The record starts with the lines “I don’t want this thing, but I can’t let go, even though I need it so..Been down this road before. I just need more.” Paul Wall adds to the story line “It keeps you coming back and I know you feel it in your stomach whenever you arch your back…that’s what my diamond chip dick do”

Jill said her “intentions were to make something for the strippers as well”. She went on to say that this track is for the strippers to accentuate their art. “There is an art to every thing and I would like to see that. Booty poppin’ and all that stuff is great, but I love art so if there is more craft in it and hopefully this gives them something to be real slow with it and accentuate muscle lines…”

Check out @itsyagirlAC‘s exclusive peek at the track below!

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