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Make him want more and more of you

Love him in such a way that he will always want more and more of you. Don’t let him get bored with you. Remember that you have to keep the romance alive. He can easily lose interest if you become dull and uninteresting. Work hard to keep your figure and looking good. Do things that will make him proud that you belong to him.

Make him relax and trust you

Don’t put your man under any sort of undue pressure or tension. If he has to wonder whether he can trust you then your relationship has a shaky foundation and will not last. Let him see that you are a woman he can stake his life on and prove that you will never let him down in any way. This is sure to make him relax and enjoy being with you.

Don’t cheat or lie to him

Lying or cheating on him is the fastest way to lose him. If for any reason he feels that he is being cheated on, he will become disillusioned with the whole relationship. There is no surer way of causing unhappiness and cracks in a relationship than by cheating on your partner.

Make your sex life even more interesting

Show him that you still find him attractive and sexy. Too many women forget to be seductive and sexy once they hook their man. They revert to ways that are boring and do little to excite their man. If you want him to stay hooked – spice up your sex life and make him long to come home to you.

Don’t become unattractive and lazy

As the years go by, you can tend to become lazy about your looks. Remember how you used to make it a point to be so well groomed, well turned out and so beautiful? Well, what makes you think that he does not long to see you looking as gorgeous as before? Don’t turn into a slob and lose all that poise and elegance. You could pay for it!

Be a source of pride for him

Make him very proud of you. Every time you walk into a room clinging to his arm, he should see the looks of envy on the faces of his friends. Show him that he was right in choosing you. Make him thrilled to have you as his wife or lover. Prove that you are the type of woman who will make his life better not worse.

Don’t smother him and don’t neglect him

Sometimes women forget that their man already has a mother and he married her to be a wife and companion and not to be smothered! Stop trying to bully him or be too protective and dominating. He will resent this type of behavior. On the other hand, do not neglect him completely and pay attention to the details! Make him feel loved and wanted too.

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