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Let Her Release Emotions

Bottom line, the solution is for her to release the emotion through crying. This is good for a woman.

In women, crying is a release of pent up emotions. The emotional centers of women’s brains have eight times more blood flow than a man’s. Oxytocin tears are healing as they have chemicals in them that support healing and better feelings.

What To Do

1. Basic – ignore the tears. Don’t let them bother you or affect you.

2. Intermediate – Listen to her. Allow her to emote without any solution or fixing. The solution is to let her cry. Have compassion and understanding.

3. Advanced – Touch her lovingly (and this means not sexually). You can do things like touch her hand, hold her hand or arm, hug her, hold her, or give her tissue and a glass of water.

Support Her, Don’t Leave Her

Now a man may want to leave her alone, which is good for a man. But this is not good for a woman, unless it’s to give her time to vent with her girlfriends. This may be good, but it also may be more damaging. It’s very difficult and painful for the woman to be left alone. When she feels hurt or sad, she wants comfort, nurturing and reassurance. All of these increase her oxytocin, which helps her feel better and decrease her stress.

If you need to leave, it’s best to tell her, “I need some alone time. I love you and I’ll be back.” If you know where you’re going and when you’ll be back (especially the latter), then it’s very helpful to tell her that.

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