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Beauty with brains

There is no doubt that a beautiful sexy woman will catch the eye of any man. Furthermore men like their women to be gorgeous enough to turn the heads of all the males around. It makes them strut around like proud peacocks! But when it comes to having a relationship with the beauty – they prefer that they have brains as well! This is because men like to be as stimulated mentally as physically.

Trustworthiness is important

As much as women hate cheaters, so do men. Men want to know that they can trust their women to stay true to them forever. They do not want to worry whether their woman is busy making eyes at another guy across the room. They need to be able to trust and be trusted in return.

A woman who can give him respect

Respect and understanding is always high on the list of priorities for men. They need women who can be understanding and lenient towards them. Men are not as emotional as women so they need women who will respect their feelings and understand them better.

Loving and caring women

Unconsciously men do want a bit of mothering. Too much of it will turn them off, but they love it when a woman pampers them and showers them with plenty of love and attention.

An exciting woman

Men always want their women to be exciting with plenty of sex appeal. They don’t like it when they are boring and don’t do anything to stimulate his senses. She has to be able to hold his interest and love.

Similar interests

Women who have similar interests and the idea of sharing many moments together is appealing to men. The very fact that she can do many things with him makes her attractive. Besides she should be able to prove that she can shoulder responsibility with him.

An understanding woman

A woman who listens, understands and considers his values, opinions and ideas is considered a rare find! Men are constantly looking for this type of woman who will give him the time of day and be there for him. This type of woman is not selfish but is the giving type and is greatly valued by men.

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