It’s hard to believe that a decade has gone by with the passing of one of THE greats that’s ever done it. What are your thoughts on the legacy of Whitney Houston?

Radar Online is reporting that Mariah Carey and former “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson are preparing Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown to become a pop star like her late mother. “Mariah and Randy were close friends of Whitney’s and were heartbroken after she died suddenly in 2012. They kept in touch. Now Randy has decided he wants to make a full court press […]

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since the sudden passing of Whitney Houston. Today, WTLC is going to stand for ‘Whitney with Tender Loving Care.’ Kicking off with Kenny Kixx at 10am. –AT THE TOP OF EVERY HOUR A ‘TWO FOR WHITNEY’ FOR TWO FOR TUESDAY –A ‘MY WHITNEY HOUSTON PLAYLIST’ AT […]

A Beverly Hills police sergeant behaved inappropriately at the scene of Whitney Houston’s death in 2012 according to a claim filed last week. The sergeant reportedly lifted up the sheet that covered Houston’s naked body and proceeded to comment on how good she looked, says an NBC News report.. Despite “no legitimate law enforcement inquiry, investigative, or other […]

Among the many disputes now roiling the family of the late Whitney Houston is the battle over a $20 million inheritance. Houston’s 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was slated to receive the money in a trust set up before the singer’s death just before the Grammy Awards broadcast in February. But now Whitney’s mother, the […]

The owner of the Newark, N.J., funeral home that handled services for Whitney Houston says the home had nothing to do with a photograph that surfaced showing the singer’s body in an open casket. But Carolyn Whigham of Whigham Funeral Home and two pastors say they do know who took the photo that ran in the […]

Hollywood movie makers are already in talks over who should portray Whitney Houston in a biopic of her life. There are many names being placed on the table for consideration including singer/actress Rhianna, Willow Smith and actress Vivica A. Fox. The question is are there any other names being put out there and how much […]

Some folks are outraged that the Enquirer posted these pictures of Whitney Houston in her casket. Is it Journalism or infringement of privacy?  Decide for yourself.    Did The Tabloid Go To Far In Posting Photos Of Whitney In Her Casket? Click here to see photo LA RADIO TALKSHOW HOST CALLS WHITNEY HOUSTON OUT OF […]

                    I figured there would an auctioning off of some of Whitney Houston’s items, but on my goodness I thoiught they would wait at least 30days. I’m just saying. They are already planning to put many of her dresses and jewelery on the auction block in […]

Multiple guests staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the day Whitney Houston died claim their stay was absolutely UNBEARABLE due to commotion surrounding the singer’s death — and the hotel has done nothing to address their dissatisfaction. TMZ spoke with several guests who stayed on the 4th floor when Whitney died — the same floor Whitney had been staying on […]

The on-again, off-again boyfriend of Whitney Houston, Ray J, publicly opened up about the superstar’s death in a statement to Us Weekly. “Over the past few days, I’ve tried to process the emptiness that I am experiencing. What my heart feels cannot be expressed in words. The world lost an icon, but I lost my […]

                  According to The LA Times, the sales of Whitney Houston’s catalog have gone through the roof. As a Whitney Houston fan myself, I’ve got to admit I went out and re-purchased a few Whitney Houston movies and Cd’s even though I already had them. I, like […]