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The owner of the Newark, N.J., funeral home that handled services for Whitney Houston says the home had nothing to do with a photograph that surfaced showing the singer’s body in an open casket.

But Carolyn Whigham of Whigham Funeral Home and two pastors say they do know who took the photo that ran in the National Enquirer. They just aren’t identifying the person and say that’s up to the Houston family.

The 48-year-old Houston died Feb. 11 in California. Whigham says she determined the photo was taken Feb. 17, a day before the funeral, Tina.

Source: Huffington Post

UPDATE: Gossip site Gossiponthis is reporting the photo was taken and leaked/sold by Bobby Brown’s sister. The site posted this today;

“We all know that there is a 99.99% chance that Bobby Brown’s sister Tina Brown — Whitney’s former sister-in-law — leaked that photo of Whitney Houston laying in her casket to the National Enquirer.

Why? Because she has an interview with the tabloid inside that very same issue

The interview, featuring the headline “I did crack with Whitney!” features the usual quotes about Whitney’s former drug use, along with an admission that Tina took part as well: “Hey, I was using and she was paying. It was free.”
If Tina Brown did leak the photo, it wouldn’t be the first time she has outed her sister-in-law.
In 2006, she leaked a series of private photos of Whitney Houston’s bathroom (allegedly) that were sent to UK tabloid The Sun, which supposedly showed that Houston had been cooking what is known as “freebase cocaine,” or in more common terms, “crack cocaine,” in her bathroom.
Tina Brown was reportedly paid around $500,000 by the National Enquirer for the rights to Whitney’s casket photo, and she probably received another hefty check for the interview.