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Back In August when Brandy expressed that she hoped her longtime boyfriend, Ryan Press would be popping the question soon, she caught a bit of backlash. Many called her thirsty and desperate for publicly expressing that desire; others applauded her for being woman enough to boldly state what she wanted. Either way, Ryan heard his lady […]

Lil Kim didnt take kindly to the things Wendy Williams had to say about her face on her show recently. Listen to Wendy’s comments at the 3:44 mark of the video below One main complaint from Kim was that there was no “side by side shot” The Queen B was on fire and had this […]

Wendy Williams is known for her outspoken interviews with some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities; so it may come as a surprise that she doesn’t hang with too many famous peeps. The talk show host told ABC News Radio, “We may be at a charity event later on in the week together, and we might drink […]

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin sat down with Wendy Williams for an exclusive interview, in the first part of the interview the Queen of Soul talks about her health scare, what happened to the famous hat she wore to President Obama’s Inauguration, and what reality shows she loves. Take a look: Part 2 of […]

WCHB – Daytime talk-show queen Wendy Williams said on her show today she’s about to travel to Motown to interview one of her all-time favorites, Aretha Franklin. “The legendary Aretha Franklin has invited me to do an exclusive, in-person, intimate conversation with her in Detroit,” Williams said. “The way I figure, this is a once […]