The last perfect March Madness bracket belongs to a man from Columbus. NCAA officials say Gregg Nigl  is the only person who’s picked all 48 games correctly so far in the men’s basketball tournament. Nigl works as a neuro-psychologist but says his love for Big Ten basketball and luck are responsible for his perfect bracket. […]

Get in the Know with Kim’s Friday News & Headlines Governor Pence is blaming the media for the national outrage over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In an interview with a local radio station (down the dial), Pence called the concerns “understandable,” but said the bill has been “misconstrued” and urged Hoosiers to read it for […]

College hoops fans were horrified Sunday as a player for the Louisville Cardinals fell and broke his right leg, sustaining a gruesome injury that left his shin bone “fully protruding” from his leg, according to one report from the scene. Louisville player Kevin Ware sustained the injury roughly 6 minutes before the half, as he […]