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It looks like Seattle might not have seen the last of Beast Mode.  Marshawn Lynch told ESPN Monday night that his agents have been in talks with the Seahawks about a possible return.  The free-agent running back didn’t offer up a whole lot of details, saying “If it works out and I get back up […]


What a first weekend of the NFL Playoffs! The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks are advancing to the NFC Divisional Round.  The Vikings moved on after a 26-20 win over the Saints in overtime in New Orleans.  Kirk Cousins connected with Kyle Rudolph for the winning touchdown.  Minnesota will visit the top seeded 49ers in […]

Sherman's comments on Wednesday are starkly different from previous comments he made in July 2016, when he doubled down on previous "all lives matter" comments in response to the rally cry, "Black Lives Matter."

As Kaepernick’s powerful message continues to expand its reach, athletes unite in solidarity to take a stand. These are the athletes who have united against social injustice and police brutality in America.

The NFL kicked off its 2016 season with fans upset over Colin Kaepernick's protest and the booing of Pres. Obama's video taped message.

The Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks staged protests during the National Anthem at a Sunday afternoon game in Miami.

A player with the NFL's Seattle Seahawks claims that two women called the police on him as he attempted to inquire about an empty gym. Safety Kam Chancellor was looking into the window of the vacant facility when cops were called to the scene, Deadspin reports.

Before everyone was Dabbin’ on Em with Cam, they were going into beastmode and only showing up to work so they didn’t get fined. The reason for that is one Marshawn Lynch, the beloved (and often controversial) Seattle Seahawks running back, who announced his retirement on Twitter during Super Bowl 50, the biggest football night of […]

Things can’t be good between QB Russell Wilson and his teammates. No Future, really? According to the Seattle Seahawks arena DJ, DJ DV One, he’s been…

In the aftermath of the Seattle Seahawks’ 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, one question remained. With Seattle on the…

Perhaps Richard Sherman (pictured center) won’t be able to call himself a consecutive Super Bowl winner. But he got another great title recently: Dad. RELATED:…