Whoot Whoot! Actress Maia Campbell is back acting and working on a new project. She is set to star in a new role in a forthcoming show for TV-One. She upload a few flick on her instagram page with Cherie Johnson of “Family Matters” and  Ken Lawson from “The Parkers.” We are very happy for Maia. […]

Actress Maia Campbell has battled her share of demons including a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her mother – author Bebe Moore Campbell – dying…

In a heart-wrenching show called “Fix My Fallen Star,” author Iyanla Vanzant walked actress Maia Campbell down the painful road of mental illness, drug abuse and neglect that nearly ended her career in Hollywood, resulted in multiple arrests and had her daughter removed from her custody. Most famous for starring in “In The House” with LL Cool J and Debbie Allen, Maia revealed a painful […]

Just call her the fixer. Iyanla Vanzant has helped regular people and celebrities on her new show “Iyanla, Fix My Life.” But on the next edition, Vanzant takes on one of her biggest challenges in troubled actress Maia Campbell. The former “In the House” actress that once had a record deal with Atlantic Records was […]

Troubled actress Maia Campbell is about to have a come-to-Iyanla moment, so to speak. That’s right, on the next episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life,” Iyanla Vanzant heads to Los Angeles to support Campbell, the actress  best known for her role as ‘Tiffany’ on the 90s hit TV show “In The House” starring LL Cool J and […]

Maia Campbell, best known for her role in the hit series “In The House,” will seek help from Iyanla Vanzant in a forthcoming episode of“Iyanla, Fix My Life.” Announced Saturday, the episode will cover Campbell’s issues with substance abuse, following a viral video that showcased her in an unflattering state. “Iyanla Vanzant heads to Los […]

We all saw the heartbreaking video of actress Maia Campbell on the net. According to the clip, she was a cracked-out druggie who had been diagnosed with bi-polar/manic depression. Fast forward to 2012… Maia is back, she’s cleaned up her act and is speaking out about her past and what she’s struggling with and what […]

Sometimes "Where you want to be is not where you need to be", especially if that place is Hollywood and you're not strong enough to cope with the ups and downs of the entertainment business. <!--more-->

A few months ago, a heartbreaking video of actress Maia Campbell surfaced on the net. It had been years since we had seen or heard anything from her – and it was for good reason.