David W. Harleston was suspended last week after questions arose about his qualifications to practice law in New York.

  Jennifer Hudson fiancé , David Otunga, talked about his future plans. Those plans included starting his very own law firm, being a wrestler on WWE, and even pursuing a another career as a stand-up comic. He had his first show recently in Chicago and actually had people laughing. See his full interview below. Tell […]

Actor/comedian Aries Spears just found out he and his divorce attorneys were going up against a real legal shark. Spears is deserting his two-year marriage…

Be careful who you enter into relationships with. You could be sleeping next to an arsonist and not even know it. A woman in  Minnesota…

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in deep trouble. Two of his former employees are claiming he orchestrated an assault against them after he suspected they…

Congrats to Star Jones. She launched a clothing line, “Status By Star Jones,” available exclusively through QVC. To represent today’s woman, her collection ranges from daytime wear to evening wear. The line is available now. “I, like most little girls, played dress up when I was a child. I grew up with my mother and […]

Mark O’Mara, the man who defended George Zimmerman in his trial for the murder for Trayvon Martin, has announced that he will no longer represent Zimmerman. O’Mara made the announcement one day after Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, called authorities to report her husband threatened her and assaulted her father. O’Mara wil still represent Zimmerman in a […]

With less than a week left before the Trayvon Martin trial begins, an attorney for Martin’s family now claims that George Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara fabricated evidence in an attempt to sway both the public and the jury. Since Zimmerman’s fatal confrontation with the 17-year-old Martin more than a year ago, both the judge and […]

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield was sued by the very legal team who handled her divorce from her ex-husband and former NFL offensive tackle Bob Whitfield. The legal eagles of Weinstock & Scavo wanted to get paid for the services they rendered to Sheree so they sued her in 2010. The reality star has only given the law firm a […]

News broke on Tuesday that Casey Anthony was acquitted on all felony charges in the death of her 2-year-daughter including capitol murder, which carried the death penalty. Surprisingly, the only charge that stuck was the misdemeanor of lying to a law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, nobody is answering for  Caylee Anthony but whatever side of the fence you are […]

LeBron James’ lawyer is shutting down the rumors that his client’s mom is sleeping with one of his teammates.  According to tmz.com, LeBron’s attorney has fired off a cease and desist email — finally denying the fast-spreading, and disturbing rumor of a sex scandal involving LeBron’s mom and his teammate Delonte West.