Jada made a camera guy break into a sweat when she accused him of dinging her ride and could cost him hundreds – maybe even thousands. Jada was leaving lunch at E. Baldi in Bev Hills Wednesday when the pap, tried to snap a pic while squeezing between Jada’s black Rolls-Royce and a van. He […]

Jada Pinkett Smith was caught up in her feelings this weekend and posted an extremely personal Facebook message about Tupac and her thoughts on genocide. She also included a photo with the late rapper. It reads: I’m having a deeply reflective Saturday. In this picture I’m flanked by two extremely close friends of mine…Tupac and […]

Jada, a 16 year old, was humiliated on social media after allegedly being drugged and raped at a house party. Jeff Johnson, Staci Johnson and…

Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship with Will Smith has been a subject of speculation over the past couple years, with rumors of an open marriage and allegations that the high-profile couple was headed for divorce. But Pinkett Smith, 41, tells Redbook in the magazine’s July issue that there’s only one reason she’d ever leave Will. “What is the thing that […]