Hillary Clinton’s emails

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com News & Sports Good day to you. Let’s begin by talking about what to expect for the students of the state’s second largest school district on Election Day. Indianapolis Public Schools announced there will be no class for their students on Election Day. Early voting is in the process of wrapping today in Marion […]

@kwellscomm  #AccessIndy  — As the headline suggests, here’s a round up of some of the week’s top stories in today’s “Hot Topics.” Sports and politics and getting ‘er done at the polls by voting top the list. Click the media player below to take a listen: AUDIO (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 13 MINS, 43 SECONDS) begins after a message […]

Get In the Know With Kim’s Wednesday Tlcnaptown.com News & Sports Headlines  Good day to you on this first day of fall… People in Washington, DC, are already lining up to see the Pope on his historic first visit to the United States. By 5:00 a.m. Eastern, hundreds of people were waiting outside the White […]

    Get caught up on the news, sports and entertainment that’s leading Tuesday’s national headlines and discussions. From the investigations into various shootings and deaths of police officers; to the latest on the Hillary Clinton email scandal; to Pope Francis making a progressive move; to the spirit of protest rising in Baltimore; to the sweethearts […]