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Between work, your personal hobbies, relationships, and goals, at some point you will find yourself needing to paint your own nails until you can get to your manicurist.

Hair is such an individual process, so instead of purchasing products, or in addition to, you decide to make your own.

The Toronto-based drag queen is known for her over the top, yet on point re-creation videos. This time around, Sofonda Cox slayed Beyoncé's Lemonade.

Hey Natural Beauties, are you tired of being stuck in the house waiting for your twist out to dry?

We are just days away from the official mark of the summer, and with summer comes sandals! Still suffering from those awful winter toes? Follow these steps to achieve the perfect summer pedicure at home! 1. Exfoliate Start your pedicure process by getting rid of cracks and roughness. Start by soaking your feet in a […]