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We are just days away from the official mark of the summer, and with summer comes sandals! Still suffering from those awful winter toes? Follow these steps to achieve the perfect summer pedicure at home!

1. Exfoliate Start your pedicure process by getting rid of cracks and roughness. Start by soaking your feet in a mixture of hot or warm water and your favorite soap or body wash for 10 minutes. Try throwing in some rose petals for a relaxing spa feel. Exfoliate with a store-bought foot scrub, or make your own with your oil of choice (lavender, almond, or coconut oil) and grainy salt or sugar. Scrub the concoction into the problem areas, like the heel and ball of your foot, to get rid of dead skin.

2. Cleanse Wash the scrub off your feet with soap, and give those winter toenails some attention by lightly brushing dirt away with a soft nail brush.

3. Trim Trim and style your toenails with a clipper or file, preferably using an emery board.

4. Moisturize After thoroughly drying with a towel, massage in your favorite moisturizing lotion or cream, focusing on the heels and toes.

5. Polish Start off with a clear base coat to set the nail color. After drying, apply two coats of your favorite nail color. Pale mints and bright corals are at the center of all nail trends for this summer. Apply a coat of clear topcoat for added shine and chip protection. Now that you’ve mastered the perfect DIY pedicure, your toes are officially ready for some fun in the sun.