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Pilar & Deion Sanders To Share Custody Of Their Children Pilar and Deion Sanders who have been going through a nasty messy divorce just learned…

Pilar Sanders is ending 2012 by penning an open letter to the public in which she goes into great detail about being abused by soon to be ex-husband Deion Sanders. The couple who have been doing THE most this past year with their divorce drama being played out in the media, is embroiled in one […]

Former Football Wives star Pilar Sanders has been forced to move out of her house, because the electricity and gas have been shut off for lack of payment. The model, who is locked in a nasty divorce with former NFL player Deion Sanders, is having a hard time making ends meet, according to her publicist […]

Pilar Sanders has been forced to move out of her home after her utilities were shut off for non-payment. Pilar who is involved in a…

Prime Time NFLer Deion Sanders filed court documents in hopes of reducing the $10,000 a month he pays to ex-wife Pilar for child support. But Pilar says it’s not too much and even provided a breakdown of how she spends the money: $2,000/month for a special diet for the kids — $900/month on uniforms and […]

Deion Sanders may seem like he’s rollin in dough… But the NFL Hall of Famer is saying the judge’s order to pay ex-wife Pilar 10K a month in child support is a bit much. Sanders, aka Prime Time, submitted documents to the Texas judge asking her to lower the amount saying it is six times […]

If you thought Pilar Sanders went HAM on Deion before… Deion Sanders and new boo and business partner Tracy Edmonds have confirmed to us that they are going to do a new reality show together. Edmonds, an entertainment producer with her own company, will get behind the reins on the Hall of Famers new project.  She and […]

Police are seeking a new criminal charge against Deion Sanders in the case related to a scuffle last month between the Pro Football Hall of Famer and his wife. Investigators with the Police Department in Sanders’ hometown of Prosper, north of Dallas, have asked the Collin County District Attorney’s Office to review their request for […]

After having to make a trip to the emergency room because of a beat down, Pilar Sanders is suing Deion Sanders and his female “friend” Laura Jones. According to TMZ, Pilar claims Deion “orchestrated” the violent attack which was designed to physically force her out of his Texas mansion. According to the documents, Deion summoned […]

Police were called to the mansion of Deion & Pilar Sanders after Pilar was allegedly accosted by a female friend of Deion and had to be taken to the hospital for her injuries. According to TMZ: “…a woman named Laura arrived to the mansion to see Deion … but Pilar told Laura she was not […]

Pilar Sanders is claiming that her soon to be ex-husband Deion Sanders is holding her as a “financial hostage” and will only give her money if she has sex with him, says TMZ. Pilar who filed an emergency motion in a Texas courtroom claims the NFL legend has canceled her credit cards and left her […]

The ‘War of the Sanders’ is on and poppin’!  First Deion accused his wife, Pilar, of being an adulterous hussie and a fame-chasing gold digger.  Now Pilar just filed court papers in Texas that blast her soon-to-be-ex with some pretty serious accusations, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: New Reality TV Show: “Motor City Wives” The dueling […]