There isn’t anything new about a baby fake crying but that hasn’t stopped us from being obsessed with the viral video of an adorable baby…

From TMZ Oprah was talking to news reporters and they ask her about Bobbi Kristina - Oprah ask the news person how she's doing and they told her about her condition right now and Oprah just stopped choked on her words - She was coming out of the Lucques in West Hollywood. Source TMZ

  *Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall have some advice for folks planning on seeing “The Best Man Holiday.” Bring some tissue. “Some people said they cried,” Hall…

It seems like jail life is taking its toll on Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 in connection to Michael Jackson‘s death back in 2009. TMZ reports that Murray has been calling friends and complaining about being in “constant pain.” The entertainment news site obtained a voice message Murray left […]

1. Getting mad (at him) You shouldn’t fear letting your man know when he’s upset you. So many women are afraid to bring up an issue because the guy either punishes them by saying, “You’re being dramatic” (if he doesn’t just straight up leave) or he completely goes on the defensive, making the issue ten […]

Bernice King called today on what is the 43rd death anniversary of her father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Saying that today is a sad day for her on a lot of fronts, she talked about all of the problems in the world and wondered whether her father died in vain. Listen to our exclusive […]

If you’ve followed Wendy’s radio show, you know Wendy offended Whoopi and her daughter. If you didn’t, Whoopi is one of the many people that Wendy dished the dirt on by saying things like Whoopi is ugly, looks like a monkey, and a drug user. She also said that her daughter, Alex, had a cocaine […]