Coming To America

The original cast of Coming to America is slowly but surely coming back to film for the sequel. One star that’s been seen on set is our favorite McDowell’s employee Louie Anderson. Anderson told TMZ that his time on set was the “greatest experience.” He did not reveal any other secrets from the movie. Source: […]

Eddie Murphy joined Arsenio Hall Tuesday night and addressed a question that has followed them for years: WHY has there been no “Coming to America” sequel?

  In a rare late-night appearance, Eddie Murphy joins Arsenio Hall tonight and addresses a question that has followed them for years: WHY has there…

Adam Sandler, Brett Ratner, Russell Brand and Tracy Morgan also helped roast the actor at a career tribute — airing Nov. 14 on Spike TV – about which Murphy joked: “When you get an honor like this, you feel like an old person.” It was a night of celebration for Eddie Murphy. To honor the career […]

Nowhere has the depiction of black life been more diverse than in the world of cinema. Go to any video store, surf any video rental website and look at the wide selection of films in the African-American/Black films section. The variety is vast, so if you’re having trouble where to start, here are nine of […]