Megan Markle’s and Prince Harry announced that they wanted to step down from being apart of the Royal Family. The couple is possibly looking to move to Canada. Megan and Prince Harry said, “They will always be apart of the Royal Family but needs a breather to focus on the next chapter of their life […]

Obama invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House on Thursday to talk about a “smooth transition of power."

The world's sexiest leaders finally meet, hopefully Vice President Joe Biden wasn't caught in his feelings.

The gunman allegedly shot two of his siblings at home before making his way to the school.

A Black man seeking refugee status in Canada found himself returning to the United States after his application was denied last month. Kyle Lydell Canty visited British Columbia last year and decided to stay, citing that police in his native country were essentially targeting Black people and exterminating them. VICE reports: Kyle Lydell Canty said […]

Hundreds of years ago, slaves sought the North Star to point them in the direction of Northern states and Canada so they they could escape…

The sport of hockey has roots that date back to ancient Egypt and Greece, with varying incarnations throughout the generations. Ice hockey developed in the…

Detroiters without running water have a special delivery coming from Canada, if it can get past the border guards. Eight cars loaded with 264 gallons…

Chris Brown’s legal and medical problems have led to him having to cancel a number of tour dates through Canada. Concert promoter and owner of Drop Entertainment released a statement: “After ongoing conversation and consultation with this year’s headline act Chris Brown, and in light of the performer’s recent personal and health-related issues, a decision […]

Prior to the re-election of President Barack Obama, many USA citizens threatened to leave to Mexico or Canada if he was re-elected. Since then some people have taken it a step further. Instead of moving out of the country, 23 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States. Read More Here (Source: Black […]

Our neighbors to the north, Canada, has decided to take the Penny out of circulation. They say retailers will have to round everything off to the nearest nickel. They will stop making Pennies and banks will be instructed to turn over all pennies to the Government. Canadian officials say the coin doesn’t earn its keep. […]