@KwellsComm TLCNaptown.com News & Sports Headlines Flags across the city and state are lowered to half-staff on orders by Mayor Joe Hogsett and Governor Mike Pence. This in honor of the 50 people killed and at least another 53 injured in what authorities believe is a lone wolf ISIS attack on an Orlando nightclub at […]

@kwellscomm WTLC News for Tuesday One Indianapolis neighborhood gets a new grocery today and a lot more. You’ve probably driven by the north Keystone Avenue transformation there near 56th Street from the land of high-end Cadillacs and used vehicles to today’s end game. That end-game is a new Meijer with fresh fruits and vegetables, a […]

@kwellscomm TLCnaptown.com | praiseindy.com Monday News & Sports Headlines Good day to you…It’s starting cold and won’t get much warmer today or the rest of this week, here in the city. Indy Metro Police say they’ve found a missing man, but when they did, he was dead. Investigators say they found Tyrone Powell’s body yesterday […]

@kwellscomm TLCnaptown.com News & Sports Headlines Today is the day that the full City-County Council will vote on whether the 100 block of Saint Joseph Street in downtown Indianapolis gets a radio-themed name makeover. It could become “Amos Brown Way” in honor of our late colleague—Amos Brown, a local legendary radio broadcaster and community activist […]

Kim’sTLCNaptown.com Local and National News & Sports Headlines Two Indianapolis Public School officials are facing charges for not speaking up or acting when they learned a teacher was allegedly having sex with at least one student. Shalon Dabney and Lela Hester are facing misdemeanor charges for not filing a report. They are just two of many who work […]

Kim’sTLCNaptown.com Local and National News & Sports Headlines The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating an overnight shooting Tuesday that left a man in “very critical” condition. Police were called to the 2700 block of Shelby Street, just south of downtown a bit after 1:30 a.m. It’s there, where IMPD officers found the victim on the ground between two homes suffering […]

As we’re readying for tonight’s NCAA Tournament with two of Indiana’s schools—Indiana University and Notre Dame—prepping for their individual Sweet 16 battles, we’re also turning our attention from the college game to the activism side of the pro game. The NBA is giving signals that sound like the league might move next year’s All-Star Game […]

Get In the Know With Kim’s Wednesday WTLC News & Sports Headlines A family wants to know what happened to their teenaged daughter and as Indianapolis Metro Police continue their investigation, they are remaining tight-lipped regarding the details of her death. The body of Ben Davis High School senior, Renia Woods, was found behind a […]

In a follow-up to a brewing scandal in professional tennis, one executive may have removed himself from a firestorm of sexism allegations after superstar player Serena Williams lead the wave of outrage. I’m Kim Wells–listen to my #WTLCIndySports story where Serena’s activism spirit may have played ‘Olivia Pope-fixer’ for the sport. It’s posted below so you can “get in […]

We now know the name of the suspect involved in an incident where a Howard County sheriff’s deputy lost his life while serving a warrant. He is 25-year-old Evan Dorsey, who was wanted on a warrant out of Clinton County for failure to appear.  Indiana State Police officials confirmed that 27-year-old Deputy Carl Koontz was […]

There’s a scandal brewing in professional tennis. One, with allegations of sexism against a loose-lipped tennis tournament chief executive and a fiery Serena Williams reaction leading a wave of outrage. I’m Kim Wells–listen to my #WTLCIndySports story where Serena taps into her activism spirit again. It’s posted below so you can “get in the know.” #(@1067WTLC)# : KimWellsMedia […]

Downtown Indy will be bustling with activities and traffic rerouting as NapTown residents celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. Meanwhile St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital wants you to tap into your St. Paddy’s Day generosity and help them fight childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases on this day…the day of the St. Jude Radio Cares […]